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About Kirsten

Art and creativity are in my sinews. If I have not had the time and space to create, I feel my energy and mood lower. Thus, simply put, time making things has been therapeutic for me. Making gifts is also a sure way to express gratitude, admiration, love without words - verbal expressions come harder than twisting wire around some beads and I am sure I am not alone in this. 

The process of creating is therapeutic, but so is what emerges from the creative process. I never fail to be fascinated by the unexpected findings revealed, often not immediately, through Art Therapy exercises.  

I am passionate about constantly learning about myself and my relation to others and my environment. My personal journey is continuous and I definitely don’t always know my way. I seek authenticity. I seek truth. I seek presence. 

Here is transient. Here is wherever you are at this moment. Here comes from there and goes somewhere, but by being present, you will be here. And here is always a good place to start. 

h e r e .

Art Therapy with Kirsten

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