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Introducing the 'Zoomanistic' Approach

Hello and welcome to h e r e . Art Therapy.

The year 2020 has been a tumultuous year to say the least and we are all quite probably thoroughly bored of the ever ongoing topic of Covid-19. I for sure am. Nonetheless, it has made me have to rethink my business model and sum up the courage to tackle an online approach.

I am thus introducing online Art Therapy sessions via Zoom.

As my approach to therapy is humanistic and person centred, I have decided to call it the ‘Zoomanistic’ approach.

Some may say, well how does this work?

Trust me, I have thought and thought about the practicalities of getting physically involved in an Art Therapy process with the obstacle of a screen as a divider. I also have pondered how this would take away the most important feature - the “human” element. Times have changed and we have all adapted surprisingly well despite what we may think and despite the sighs and groans as the government frequently changes its “be aware and be safe” policies.

So this is how an online Art Therapy session will work:

We will start with paper and a pen and go from there. I am sure you all can find those materials at hand. Then we’ll find creative ways to explore your personal reason for seeking therapy with materials that you have at hand around the house. As the sessions progress, I will have custom made packages with the materials required for the next session’s Art Therapy process delivered to you.

We will have a screen between us but we can still stand up, move our bodies, sit down, express ourselves through movement, art making and music. We can still work together.

Your first 30 minute consultation is free.

I am just as daunted by this as you might be because I am a hands on, practical, human approach kind of person. So to stay as true to my humanistic and person centred ways as possible, let’s embark on the ‘Zoomanistic’ approach.

I look forward to meeting you (virtually),



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