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h e r e .

                                Art Therapy


A r t   T h e r a p y

w i t h   K i r s t e n

Why seek a therapist?

Lost direction? Uncertain of the way? Lost touch with  a part of yourself or your life that is important to you? 

Navigating the twists and turns in life’s journey can sometimes throw one too many challenges in your path. Seeking a therapist is one way of searching for that pilot to help guide you through the navigation of stormy waters, rough terrain, or un-signposted roads. 

Art Therapy starts with the road you know through the communication processes you are familiar and comfortable with. Once you feel ready to embark on your therapeutic journey, the introduction of various creative and arts mediums provide an aid to unlayer and deepen your story. Therapy through the medium of art adds tools to the navigation process to refind your way, to refind yourself. You will be the navigator of your own journey.

You will find your own way. 

To truly know the world, look deeply within your own being; to truly know yourself, take real interest in the world.

h e r e .

A r t  T h e r a p y  S e r v i c e s


I n d i v i d u a l   

S e s s i o n s

Y o u .  H e r e .  N o w .

Express your truth through Art Therapy. Find your place. Stand tall. Flourish. Be the individual that you are. Be you. Here. Now.

W o r k s h o p s

U s .  H e r e .  N o w .

Find your individuality in the collective. Express your unique strength. Be a spoke on the wheel that forms a whole. Together we move forward. Be us. Here. Now.


What can Art Therapy help with?

stress - anxiety - isolation - change - decisions - separation

loss - bereavement - trauma - wellbeing - personal understanding

seeking authenticity - acceptance

Art Therapy can be a tool to help you whatever your challenge, question, hurdle or quest may be. You do not need to be "mad" or "sick" to see a therapist! You just need to be willing to seek answers to your own questions.

Wandering Traveler
Happy Hiking


"So quickly I felt very calm and tranquil - beautifully facilitated session.

Thank you."

- Painted Ladies Workshop -


"Restful and relaxing"

"Relaxing, peaceful and interesting workshop regarding the

life cycle of the butterfy."

- Comments from the 'Resilient Women' at CoLab - 

Bookings and enquiries

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07510 927312

Exeter, UK

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